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    Susanll Guest

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    I am an aunt to one adopted child and godmother to two. I love to buy books as gifts but always worry about sending a message that might be hurtful. Most children's books show families who "look alike". I know not every book an adopted child reads needs to be "PC", but are there any books you know that show a family where the child is most likely adopted but that is not part of the story line?

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    Pat Johnston Guest

    Default Yes, Susan!

    A couple that pop out right away...

    Keiko Kasa's A Mother for Choco

    Vera William's More, More, More Said the Baby

    are great for preschoolers.

    Also, many of the books by Robert Munsch feature his own family, which is multiracial and adopted, but the books are not adoption books. A favorite of mine is Something Good.
    Look here for all of them


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