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Thread: Embryo quality-grading

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    Hello..I am about to undergo an FET from a donor cycle (fresh) that produced my now 17 month old daughter....With the fresh cycle the embryos were good quality one was 8 cell and another was 9 cells....not sure on fragmentation or other gradings, but i was told they were good and it worked...

    The remaining embryos are as follows: 5 cell (good with little frag) 7 cell (good with little frag), an 8 cell (slightly frag), a 10 cell (slightly frag) and a 6 cell (slightly frag)...The embryologist has these frozen in 3 straws, and they will transfer/thaw the following: the 5 cell & 7 cell (if they survive they will be transfered (they seemed to think these were the best 2) , if not they will go to the (6 cell in straw alone)...etc..etc...I am hoping to transfer 2 embryos on or around Nov 28th....The donor cycle was from my sister who was 23 at the time she donated to me, I'm 39.....Do you think my chances are good for this cycle to work??? I know it is hard to say, but just wondering if these embryos sound ok?..I'm wondering why the RE is not being more aggressive and transferring more (I was thinking to transfer maybe 3)...Please let me know what you think!

    Thanks so much

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    That will depend on thaw survival. usually about 75% survive the thaw. Because they were frozen on D3, I advise you consider culturing them all to D5 and select the best 2 for maximum chances with least risk of triplets. The preg rate would be around 50% depending on quality. Hope that helps. Best of luck.

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