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Thread: Interesting twin issue

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    Default Interesting twin issue

    Almost all the people at the boys school (they are in K) don't know that they are a twin. So we get birthday party invitations that aren't necessarily addressed to a child. Tonight I got an evite for a party but I don't have any class lists so I don't know which boy was invited to the party. I emailed the teacher who I think the child belongs to. Also we have gotten invitations without last names or even the parents names at all. I just don't understand.


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    Thats bizarre. I always put contact info on our invitations. I think with evite you can send a note to the host - then you can ask who the invitation is for!

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    Default Welcome to school time

    My guys are in second - in a very small school with just two classes and we still have quite a few that don't know they are twins.

    FWIW - I have a different name from my kids and rarely get things addressed to the right parent.

    Heck - I can't even get teachers and room parents to be clear on which second grade class is doing something. I frequently get emails or notes home (which the kids always take out of folders and mix up before I can "assign" them) saying "The second graders are doing X-Y-Z"

    I always have to write to the teachers and ask - "which second graders??"

    I suspect we will forever deal with this - and worse for you - because I at least have different gender twins.

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