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Thread: Update on Natalie

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    Just heartbroken and felt chills reading this post. I ready every journal and always emailed back to her. Natalie, we all love you here and wish we could take your pain away and send you good health. It is so unfair and sad. Every day she's had with her children has been a gift for all of them. Your journey and your struggles and your determination and strength are so inspiring and you have touched me. Wish I could hug you in person sweet Natalie.

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    Default Oh my....

    I am so sad for her family...tears flowing.

    They are definitley in my prayers.

    Kathie, long time poster who mainly lurks now. Sure glad I lurked today.

    Quote Originally Posted by LisaM817 View Post
    I am now receiving updates on Natalie. If there is a more appropriate place on INCIID to post updates then let me know. Natalie and her family definitely need our thoughts and prayers. I believe the information below was written by Natalie's father.

    If you do leave notes for Natalie, I will compile and forward to the person organizing the scrapbook for the family.

    "As most of you know we took Natalie back to the ER on Wednesday of this week because she was too weak for Sandy and me to take care of in our home. In the past they would give her blood transfusions to build her back up with the hopes of trying more chemo in an effort to stop the cancer. Natalie and her Doctor have decided that that the chemo is not working and any additional treatments would only shorten her remaining time so Natalie has stopped all treatments as of yesterday. We are in the process of arranging a move from the hospital to a Hospice center here in the city, as we get this settled I will let you know where she will be.

    Natalie and our family have been blessed by all of the love, prayers, and support we have received from so many people, too many to even mention by name, we can't say thank you enough."

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    Natalie & Family,
    I've mostly lurked for the past year. I'm so glad I decided to visit today. It's been a couple weeks since I've seen any updates on the Caringbridge site.
    I was hoping it wasn't because things have progressed as they have.
    My thoughts are with you all. My heart aches at what you've been through and continue to go through. Natalie, your journal at the Caringbridge site has been an inspiration and a joy to read. You've touched me like no other mother has. I've laughed and cried with you throughout your journey. I'll continue to think about you and your family and my prayers will be ongoing.
    I pray you are surrounded by loved ones, free from pain, and filled with peace and comfort.


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    Default That is just heartbreaking

    I've been checking back on her Caring Bridge site often, hoping for some kind of update, knowing that the news was probably not good, but I honestly did not expect to hear it was as bad as this so soon.

    It is absolutely heartbreaking. She fought so hard, and was always so strong and positive, I can't believe she was not able to beat it. My heart is broken for her young family.

    I don't come around inciid very much any more, but I knew that when I saw the comments in Natalie's Caring Bridge Guest Book from inciiders that there would be news here.

    Natalie and I were on the due in August 2001 board together, and she had her twins just a few months before I had mine, so even though I don't "know" her, I feel that I've known her through some of the most important events in our lives.

    This is just absolutely devastating.

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    My heart is just breaking for her family.

    I've been following Natalie's updates on Caring Bridge since her initial diagnosis. When she first went into remission, I thought for sure she would beat the cancer. I am just so sad that that is not the case. Her positive attitude, grace and humor have been such an inspiration. She has touched my life and will always remain in my thoughts.


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    Default My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

    Huggs - Gail

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    Default I haven't been here in a while..

    but, I have always read Natalie's Caring Bridge posts and wanted to come somewhere where Natalie was known.

    I too was on the Due August board with Natalie. My twins are within a week or so of Natalie's. I so clearly remember that first year. We did a gift exchange and Natalie got my name (I got Pamfran's) and she sent me receiving blankets. They are larger than average (which was good), white with blue and pink teddy bears on them. I still have them, my twins like to use them to wrap their dolls in, I have thought of putting them away, but I think that Natalie would want them to enjoy them, but over the years every time I see them I think of Natalie. I remember how she went back to work, and she loved her work, but I was amazed at how she could do it all. I remember when her twins were very sick that first year, and how brave and smart I thought she was. I always admired her. It was such a shock to me when she was diagnosed.

    And typical of Natalie, to cancer she has brought such intelligence, persistence and sense of humour. It is amazing what the internet can do, although I have never met Natalie, tonight reading the post from her sister and her cousin, all those stories of her and her children came back to me, and I cried. I have been checking her caringbridge site daily, praying for a miracle, for her to at least to make it through to Christmas, but fearing the worst. I am so glad for all the things that Natalie has gotten to do/see. It is never enough, but I know that she used her time well.

    Natalie has made me a better person. I have become much more of an advocate for my health, I pay much more attention to my health, I try to do some of the things that Natalie has done with her children...and to remember that the small stuff does not matter.

    My thoughts are with her and her family. I hope that everything is going ok.


    Chris S

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