Hi, I am new here and I would appreciate your help and advise.

We live in Illinois, married for 4 years, trying to get pregnant since 2003. I am 39 yo and DH 35. I changed my insurance to UHC-PPO to Aetna EPO effective 1/1/08, in 3/15/08 we were diagnostic infertile due Male Factor and referred to the Fertlity Center of Illinois (FCI).

FCI called Aetna in 5/20/08 and Aetna said I was not covered for IVF ( I have call record and names), I called Aetna in June, and I was informed the same (No records). We decided to wait and change insurance in 2009.

In November 2008, I checked my health benefits at work (I work for a Fortune 500) and confirmed that all 2008 I was covered up to $15,000 for IVF with Aetna EPO. I called again Aetna and they said opps a mistake, later Aetna declined any information or wrongdoing and blamed FCI. Finally, on 12/10/08 Aetna gave me a IVF authorization for December , 2008.

Because I was very unhappy with Aetna, I changed my insurance to UHC - EPO effective 1/1/09 but began my IVF process in 12/12/09 with Aetna.

The issue is, I am schedule to egg retrieval on 1/18/08, but need the fertility meds now, Aetna declined the meds because the IVF won't be realized with them. If so, we have to wait until February/March that the new insurance hits.

Does Aetna has a right to decline the meds?
Is any legal tool that I can use to make Aetna release my subscriber ID inquires and answers in 2008?
Any advise?

Thank you very much for your help!