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Thread: Jace is one today....m

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    Default Jace is one today....m

    Not sure if anyone reads this board anymore but wanted to post my excitement that we made it to one! It has been an extremely bumpy road and I have battled low supply since he was 4 months old but here we are at one year old and he is still going strong. I have no intention of weaning anytime soon, he is my last baby and I want to enjoy this as long as we can! I do think it is interesting how many questions I am getting about when I'm going to wean him....not sure why so many people really care! Anyway, just thought I'd share.

    Jace, 1 today!
    Sara 7/20/04

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    Default Happy Birthday, Jace!

    Woohoo! Way to go! What a wonderful milestone and accomplishment for both of you. You rock I hope he had a great birthday.

    I find the weaning pressure kind of confusing too. Like there's something about turning 12 months old that makes a baby suddenly too old to nurse? You keep doing your thing Isaac is still nursing morning and evening. He got ear tubes the end of December and now seems to like nursing more than ever! (maybe there was pressure that is now better?) How many feedings/day are you and Jace doing?

    I wish this board was more active. I learned so much from the BFing board in the old format and when we would do polls so many people would respond. Oh, well!

    Happy Birthday hugs to you both!

    Sara and Isaac - 14.5 months

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    happy birthday and congratulations!

    You have done a terrific job. As you probably are aware, the World Health Organization recommends breastfeeding for 2 years and beyond. That is my goal. Anna still feeds often though I am pretty sure she is getting much less than she used to. You could always use my reply to the "are you still breastfeeding" question which is, "we had so many problems in the beginning that Anna can breastfeed until she is 5 if she wants to."

    I hope you had a good birthday celebration and that the sleep is coming.


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    Default Happy birthday to Jace...

    congrats on making it so far despite the bumps.

    I agree, the weaning pressure is weird. Most of my friends give their babies bottles until they are 3 or so, but frown on breastfeeding past 1. I don't get it! My ds is 17 months and still going strong on breastfeeding, and I am glad he's still interested in nursing. He asks to nurse about 4 times a day usually.

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    Default Congrats on 1 year and more... Still nursing 3 yr old Twin DD for naps/Bedtime

    I wonder why others ask, "R U STILL NURSING". My last baby too!

    Huggs - Gail

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