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Thread: Adding whole milk to bfing baby....m

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    Default Adding whole milk to bfing baby....m

    Now that Jace is one I'm starting to think about transitioning him to whole milk in place of the one bottle of formula he gets a day. Over the past month we have started to give him a bottle of about 4 oz. of formula at bedtime to help stock him up for the night since I quit nursing him at night. Any recommendations about the transition and about adding whole milk in general? I tried to give it to him once and he was not impressed. I've also tried soy milk once without much success. Also how much should they be drinking at this age? He still nurses probably 6 or 7 times during the day, more like snacking though. It is getting harder to get him to settle down and nurse, he is just so busy! My dd was done nursing by this age so it is new territory to me to be nursing still at age one! Thanks!

    Lori & Jace

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    Default Some ideas...

    Hi Lori -

    I'll try a reply since everyone else seems pretty quiet.

    I don't know how many ounces these kids should get at this age, but I would assume that the basic truths of bfing still apply. Diapers should be wet - and if the child is thirsty, he'll drink. When we were getting Addison ready for milk the first time (before the allergies were realized), we would give her a cup of diluted juice with her meals. This helped her get ready for the cup and get used to drinking from it. I think Jace already has that part figured out, though. Then, when you give them snacks throughout the day, re-introduce the cup at those times, too. I know he's picky, but hopefully, when he's thirsty enough, he'll drink.

    Addison has transitioned ok, but she is learning that the cup is much faster than the breast. She only nurses now before going to sleep - and it isn't long.

    Good luck!
    Patti and Addison (13 months)

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    I think it is more likely the taste that he wasn't impressed with, not the bottle. As with formula fed babies, when switching them to cow's milk, try mixing the formula over a period of time, with cows milk. Give 3 oz formula with 1 oz cow's milk and go from there. You can also add cow's milk to cereal or other things he eats if you want to increase his calories. Whole milk is recommended because of the fat content. Other milks are not considered suitable for toddlers because they need fat for brain development.

    Juice is not something that is not necessary in young children's diets. I think the dietician who spoke at my baby group said that if you do use juice, only 4 oz a day, offered after meals and only at meal times. Definitely don't let them sip juice all day out of a sippy.

    I just checked and whole goat's milk is also suitable for toddlers. Soy, rice and almond milk do not have enough fat.


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    Default Transition

    Hi Lori - Isaac is only 14 months, but the transition to whole milk already seems a little foggy! Here is his drinking schedule right now:

    7am - nurse
    8am - breakfast and water in cup
    10am - snack and whole milk in cup
    12pm - lunch and water
    1pm - couple sips of milk before nap
    3:30pm - snack and milk
    5:30pm - supper and water
    6:30pm - small drink of milk at bathtime
    7pm - nurse

    Is that clear as mud? I think he's getting enough. I don't give him milk with meals usually, because he will drink instead of eat. I would guess he's taking about 15 oz of milk plus nursing plus water (very rough estimate). I don't give him any juice. He has continued to grow nicely since his birthday.

    As far as transitioning, he wasn't attached to a bottle and had been playing with a sippy since about 9 months. So I just started putting a little serving of milk in his cup. At first I warmed it just a touch so the temperature wasn't a shock. Before long he was taking it no problem. I give him Horizon Organic whole milk and he likes it. Now he'll take it right from the fridge.

    Hope this helps and good luck! Keep us updated!

    Sara and Isaac - 14.5 months

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    Well, Nathan is 19 months and he never really has liked whole milk. Because he still nurses, it is alright to go ahead with skim milk, which he will drink without a fuss. He gets all the necessary fats from the BM. If he cuts down on nursing, then he'd need to switch to whole milk, but both the pediatrician and dietitian agreed that so long as he's nursing still, 3 times a day, he's fine with skim. For some reason, he really did fine transitioning to that, but really threw a fit with whole milk.

    If your lil' one doesn't nurse enough, then maybe you could try skim, then move to 2%, and so on and so forth until he transitioned completely to whole milk...or maybe he won't like milk at all, who knows

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