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Thread: Sierra's Update and a Strep Question

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    Default Sierra's Update and a Strep Question

    I thought I'd post a little update on Sierra. The L-Theanine seems to be working. She has been much more calm and feeling better. I am working up to 50 mg 3x a day. We have not removed the dairy yet but will be ready for that tomorrow. She's still got improvement and I don't quite feel like we are out of the woods, but I have a lot of hope that this will do the trick. I just hope it lasts.

    Also, as a side note, I read an interesting post on the celiac forum about leg pain and many people with celiac people are sending in their stories about their leg pains and how they went away after going gluten free. It was very interesting since Sierra often used to sleep with a pillow under her legs and would cry that her legs hurt so bad. I always wrote it off as growing pains. Then one time time I had to take her to the Ortho Ped. when she could not walk and had to crawl everywhere. She had to wear a boot for a week and they never found anything wrong. Now that I think of it, she has not had any leg pain or strange body pains since going gluten free. I wonder if it could be related?!

    Also, They are both on Penicillin for Strep in the vagina. Has anyone heard of this? They both got it, Savanna worse than Sierra and I don't know how that happened.


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    Wow! That's a lot of interesting info about Gluten free / celiac! Hope you've figured out the solution!

    Re: strep in the vagina.. Our pedi tested Leela for that a while ago. She said that since kids hands go in their mouth so much, and then touch their "private parts" it's easy to have strep. Of course, one of them had to have strep in their throats first. Poor babies, that must feel awful!!!

    HUGS! N

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    Default preg ment

    Never heard the strep in the vagina-though I know they test for strep-b for pregnant women.

    Glad the new supplement is helping

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