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Thread: 504 Tomorrow Not sure how to prepare

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    Default About the dysgraphia

    My ds (2nd grade) has this. He had issues with writing in preschool and even with intensive ot his writing is still illegible - at least to me, his teacher can read it, but she is specially trained. I'm not sure what advice I'd give to you. With my ds, public school was just intolerable. All they wanted to do was blame and punish him for not being able to write and never gave him credit for being a sweet incredibly smart kid. He did get OT but he never got any understanding or truly trained people who knew how to help him. They really tried, they just had no idea what to do with him. We moved him to a private school this year for kids with learning disabilities. It was the best thing we ever did. I am biased but I just feel like public school is positively toxic for kids like this. My dd is in k and she can write fine but she has some issues (that I could care less about - it's K for pete's sake) but she is already being treated like she's stupid and coming home and telling me she's stupid. She's not. Sorry I'm rambling here, but I guess my bottom line is to talk to your ds and get his take on things. It took a while for my ds to open up to me but I really had no idea how intolerable school was for him. I feel badly that I didn't get him out of there earlier. There's a great video about kids with learning disabilities (adhd falls into this) by Richard Lavoie. It's called the F.A.T. city workshop - how difficult can this be. OUr library has a copy. I highly recommend it to any parent of a struggling child.
    Good luck to you,

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    How did it go? We never had much luck with a 504 unless you are behind academically - I would push for an IEP and a full evaluation.

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    I don't have any experience with 504 or IEP but my 7yo son also has had a lot of trouble with writing (in OT for sensory and they started working on cursive early so he could get a jump) but his Aunt sent him SpongeBob Typing "game". It's helped alot.


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