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Thread: Anyone have experience w/hearing aides?

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    No problem! Feel free to contact me, and please keep us posted.

    I know that all of this is scary/overhelming at first. I was in tears when one of the woman at an agency that I called (about testing or services or something) said "I understand what you are going through. My daughter is deaf too." I wanted to scream "My daughter is NOT deaf!!".

    Obviously there is a big range and a mild to moderate hearing loss is as close to being deaf as being nearsighted is to being blind. Now her hearing aids don't seem like a much bigger deal than her glasses (except that they help her behavior way more than her glasses do).

    I bet you will see a change in schoolwork after the hearing aids. They can spend more of their energy on learning, rather than just on trying to understand what is being said.

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    one of my friends dd's has them. i keep her overnight a lot and have had to learn about how to care for them, etc over the past 4yrs. she got them when she was 3.5/4yo and is almost 8 (next month).

    my friend made it part of her dd's routine of putting the aids in after brushing teeth each morning and putting them in her dd's case each night before brushing her teeth. this routine is still used now and is ingrained. she also keeps the case in a small ziplock with 2 packs of extra batteries.

    i was really nervous about them the first fewe times she stayed w/ us after getting them...but like everything get used to them (in most cases).

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