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Thread: Endometriosis and implantation failure

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    Unfortunately I don't think I Can get the medical records, but I have the description of the surgery on paper. I have just sendt the translation to you.
    Are there any exceptions? As me maybe?!? I don't know....

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    Don't worry too much about that, because endometriosis is a curable condition.

    Medications and surgery can be used as endometriosis treatment and the goal is to relieve pain and enhance the infertility possibility. Treatment depends on how severe your symptoms are and whether you want to get pregnant.

    1. Medications
    Birth control hormones (patch, pills, or ring) or anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs) medicines are the most common medications to relieve pain caused by endometriosis. However, hormones can relieve pain by disordering the normal hormone secretion in the body which will prevent ovulation and menstruation accordingly. And anti-inflammatories can only eliminate the inflammation to some extent and can't cure the disease from its nidus. Fortunately, there are alternative herbal therapies available for endometriosis patients, that's Fuyan Pill. Unlike most western drugs, Fuyan pill is totally extracted from herbs in the nature and processed free of contamination with rational compatibility, so it has no side effects and drug resistance as anti-inflammatories and hormones have.

    2. Surgery
    Surgery is the next step if hormone therapy doesn't work or if growths are affecting other organs. This can usually be done through one or more small incisions, using laparoscopy. Laparoscopy can improve pain and your chance for pregnancy. However, this surgery can causes early menopause and may be only used when you have no pregnancy plans and have had little relief from other treatments.

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    I am sorry but it is best you refrain from medical advice. Endo is not curable. The symptoms of endometriosis can be improved with NSAID and surgery if needed. That is not the same thing. Thanks you

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