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Thread: Chorus in middle school - small group lessons

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    Default Chorus in middle school - small group lessons

    I am wondering how many schools pull children out of their regular classes for more individualized instruction in chorus? I posted about it on the PSAK board but am cross posting here for traffic. I'd appreciate any available info@ Thanks.

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    Grades 3-6 recently had their annual musical and the children with main roles missed a lot of classes for practice. (The children with main roles also seemed to have better grades, so I guess it wasn't a worry.) This went on for 2 weeks. I don't think I understand doing this year-round.

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    Ours (3rd grade) does have chorus once a week for all kids in it (at least once a week). I'm still not sure how kids got into chorus as not all kids are in it and I know that they do miss a class for it. I dont know if they do smaller groups. Since DS is fine in class and misses classes for G/T, Im fine with it- if my child wasnt doing well in school, I know I'd question the teacher about it.

    Even in 3rd grade though, my son is responsible for making sure he knows his schedule (which can change from week to week), leaving class and returning and making all work up that he misses independently for chorus, violin and G/T. With a middle school child, I'd assume that they are able to manage thier own schedule, I wouldnt expect a teacher to do anything for them, especially as many middle schools have kids switch classes during the day. From what I've heard, in our middle school, kids have different activities and often are in and out of the classroom- sounds alot like what I did when I was in middle school.

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    My ds is in 6th grade and is in chorus. There is assigned time for it in his schedule. He doesn't miss any classes. In 7th grade chorus is optional. My ds is a high honors student and I'd have major issues if they were pulling him from core subjects to sing. Our school also offers musical instrument instruction but that happens after school.

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