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Thread: New here, and wishing I wasn't.

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    Unhappy New here, and wishing I wasn't.

    Having a hard time coping with an early first trimester miscarriage that took place in December, and have tried to locate a grief counselor with no avail. Anyone else have luck in this? I live in IL, if that helps. I've done tons of searches and have met with a few psychiatrists that weren't able to provide the support I was looking for (in fact, one of them told me I'd be better suited "finding a therapist who specializes in miscarriage grief". Unfortunately, it hasn't been an easy trek. Anyone find something similar--or even an online site that would be a good starting point? I'd appreciate any tips or suggestions you could provide. Thanks muchly in advance...

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    Default not much advice in finding someone

    except maybe a local IF clinic might have a list of referrals? I just wanted to send you a hug and let you know I am sorry for your loss.

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    Thank you so much. It is really so appreciated. I'll definitely check into the IF Clinic idea. Thanks again--


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    Default I agree with sfpeirce

    I am so very sorry for your loss. Your best bet is to contact the social worker at a local IF clinic and I am sure she can lead you in the right direction.

    In the mean time please explore the rest of our boards. We have a moderated grief and loss board that offers a lot of support. Liz moderates it and she is a world of wisdom. Also the girls here know what your going through because we have all been right were you are.

    Take care of yourself
    Thoughts are with you


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    Default hope this helps..

    Hi Momma,
    I too am seeing a counselor to deal with my latest miscarriage (#4). I live in Indiana, and am getting counseling at a place called the Cabin. It is at 116th and Michigan Rd. in Indianapolis. I know you are in IL, I am not sure how far you are from IN and if this would be an option for you..they have 2 counselors /psychologists that specialize in pregnancy loss and infertility. I have seen one twice now and have my next appointment next week and I think she has been very helpful. She was a IVF nurse prior to becoming a therapist. If you would like more info. please send me a message but I got the referral to them from my reproductive endocrinologist. If you do not see one, you may want to call a local office of one, I am sure they would be happy to refer you somewhere and a lot of them require psychological testing prior to IVF so I am sure they have someone they use. {HUGS} to you!

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