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Thread: Silly question./pictures

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    Default Silly question./pictures

    OK this is really silly but I figured I would put it out there and ask to see if anyone has an opinion.

    I need a double stroller for the newborn and the 9 month old. I bought a used one and it is awful! I can't steer it.

    I really like the jogging strollers b/c they are so easy to steer but they are wide and I don't think will go through the average door PLUS the ones I can afford do not have an infant seat adaptor.

    I am also looking into the baby trend double sit and stand. It does take an infant carrier and when the back seat is outgrown (lets hope we get there with our 9 month old) it turns into a sit and stand. I am worried though it will be hard to turn like the first one I bought.

    does anyone have any idea or suggestions on which one would be better? with my two so close in age this seems to be an issue finding a stroller!

    thanks everyone! also is there a way to post a picture of Shane. I would love to share his sweet little face. Here is a blog site that has his pictures on it. He is the first and 3rd picture. the middle older baby is a friend of mine's litle girl. This photographer did pictures for us. I haven't gotten any more but these are amazing and I can't wait to see the rest.

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    No advice on the strollers (sorry) but the pictures are stunning. Shane is a beautiful baby and I am soooo happy for you.


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    Default I agree. He is absolutly BEAUTIFUL!!!

    I'm so happy for you!

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    Default Double Stroller???

    I really have been gone too long! 9-month old? Newborn? Tell me more!!! Maybe I'll just have to e-mail ya'!


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    Default no help on the stroller but..

    congratulations.. beautiful pictures!


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