I am looking for a New Jersey, Jewish of faith adoptive couple that adopted a baby boy that was born on October 20, 2001 in Fairfield N.J. This child was my son. The attorney that facilitated this adoption, [as well as a couple for a well-known lesbian [Gay] comediane.] is a complete fraud. I have proof of these things beyond a shadow of doubt! The adoption agency that was involved, I have made sure, had its license stripped. [They made a deal, with Jersey, so both could save face.] I had all three factions up against the wall until New Jersey let the adoption agency Executive Director quietly slip on out of the baby trafficking game. She probably has been doing this for the 33 years she been involved in adoption. The sickening thing is that she helped write N.J. adoption law with an Ivy League Proffessor. As for my son, in the only picture that I possess of him is when he was two years old. He looks just like me, even having long arms. [His hand is out of focus, while attempting to reach for the camera.] I would like to make contact with these people, and possibly speak with them. [Did they know about what the attorney was doing?]