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Thread: major delimma, please help (xpost)

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    Default major delimma, please help (xpost)

    My ds just started baseball...the schedule varys from week to week but the next 5 weeks are on the same night his twin has girl scouts..they are back to back (GS ends at 5:30 baseball starts at 6pm) so that works out fine. The games are a little late for us as bedtime is usually bertween 7-7:30. We also have two smaller children (3yrs old, twins!). The problem is dh has his golf league that starts next week also same night. I think he should forego his golf and help me wiht the kids and their activities but I am sure he will not want to give us his golfing. Am I being unreasonable that he should put us first and be there to help me? We do not have a babysitter and no family around. WWYD?

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    Default Although I think he should, I also think that if he doesn't

    give it up voluntarily he will be resentful (my DH can pout, and sulk for forever). So, just be prepared.

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    Default i'm hopelessly passive aggressive when it comes to (m)

    this sort of thing...

    my approach would be to slog thru it on my own, with a smile on my face and without complaining... and then expect him to reciprocate down the road...

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    I have dealt with this with my dh who is also a golfer. We have quads who are 11 so I have been there with juggling four kids and sports. I would definitely tell him to find a way to golf on another day during the week that works better for your family. I have told my dh that the trouble it will take for him to work out another day is nothing compared to the trouble for me to take all four by myself to different sports practices/games. This was true especially when my kids were younger like yours.

    Good luck!

    and quads Emma, John, Rebecca, and Sarah (11)

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    I have 2 sets of twins (7 yo DDs and 3 yo B/G) also & have a similar situation as you. My 7 year old DDs have soccer and gymnastics on the same night. It is way too much work for 1 parent to shuttle 2 kids to their activities, plus bring 2 3 year olds along. I have had to do that on occasion when my DH was out of town & I thought I was going to lose it. Your DH needs to step up and help out. We split up the kids so DH and I each take 2.

    Good luck- let us know how it works out!


    Good luck

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    Default it depends

    I would much rather my DH golfed and I took a different night during the week to get out and do my recreational thing.

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