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Thread: Do you think Star Trek is ok for 7 year olds?

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    Default Do you think Star Trek is ok for 7 year olds?

    I was looking at reviews but found nothing pertaining to younger kids seeing it. dh is a huge Star Trek fan - anything sci fi. It's the only movie I can come up with if we stick around tomorrow plus it's inside and with my kids allergies - it might be best.
    Let me know if you have seen it, it got an A rating.

    Happy Mother's Day and don't do any laundry - we all need a break! lol


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    Default I don't know about Star Trek's appropriateness, but my DH

    went to see it and said it was "ok" not great. We have the Disney earth day movie showing here, which I am planning to take the twins to, have you seen it? My twins are 5 1/2 and generally we had thought that Star Trek/the Hans Solo series (I can't remember what it is called) were more for about 10 or older, but I am very conservative on video (which is ironic b/c DH is a computer video developer and lots of the movies use his products, effects, etc..; he usually goes w/friends to see them when they come out but not us).
    It is probably ok would be my guess. DH didn't say it was "dark" or particularly violent. Have you seen the "Witch Mountain"? (DH loved that as a child). Just for a blast from the past, can you believe that I have found and procured some old "Jetson's " dvds?
    Have a great Mother's Day!!!

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    No we saw it last night and I would not take a 7 year old. i wouldn't take under 10. But the movie was great. There was language and sex implied as well as tame bed sex scene.

    this is actually a movie I would recommend a parent to see first and then decide for your family.

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    We've seen Witch Mountain and the Earth Movie. The Earth movie was really well done. We took them today to see Battle For Terra which was ok, I had no idea what I was watching! It is rated pg so it's fine for little kids.
    Dh said he wants to see Star Trek but will go with his friend, too violent for the kids. I'm not a sci fi person at all and that probably explains why I lose interested in the space ship/alien movies.
    Happy Mother's day.

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