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Thread: 'Nuther school update! (m)

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    Default Yay for your DS

    I am so so happy to hear this update. What a difference a good school/teacher can make. He probably feels welcome and feels like he fits in here, and isn't labled "the bad kid."

    I knew you were going to look back at the "expelling" as the best thing that ever happened to him. He was too good for that place!

    Thanks for sharing such great news!

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    Default Wow!

    I am so glad that things have turned out so well! That is just amazing about how great your son is doing. What an awful environment it must have been at the other school. I see wonderful things in your future!


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    What a wonderful update! I'm so glad to hear such great news after your poor boy had such a rough time!

    That school really does need to look at itself- environment does contribute to behavior!

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    Wooo hooo, this is fantastic news! I was pretty sure that *anything* would be better than that old school, but it sounds like your public school is working out just perfectly! I truly believe that educators who believe that every child is worth educating (i.e., public) will be much more effectlve than those who are only willing to teach children who conform to a certain model. And it sounds like the teachers at your old school can't even handle the hand-picked kiddos!

    I bet that next year's birthday party, with a new group of friends from the new school, will be even better!


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