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Thread: special ed ---- wondering if we made the right choice

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    Default I agree that it sounds like a good choice.

    I also was torn about putting ds into a special ed inclusion class, when he started kindergarten. But his school program is helping him so much in improving his life skills, that now it seems like a "no-brainer" that he is still there in second grade. I like the idea that your daughter's school is allowing her to gradually phase into the regular class at her own pace. It's so nice to have a good public school system that can work with children who aren't the typical mold. I agree with Nancy, though, that you have should keep close communication with the school (and your daughter) on how things are going throughout the school year.


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    I think this is a fantastic idea! Kindergarten with 25 kids is huge especially for someone with sensory issues. I teach an integrated K class with 18 kids and I think it is huge!

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