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Thread: So many forgot

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    Default So many forgot

    7 years and this year hurt the most. Dh's ENTIRE family forgot her. They forgot her over Christmas too. Friends forgot. Only my DH, mom and dad remember now.

    My worst fear, realized. April 7th was her day, Ive struggled since.

    I know I am lucky to have my parents remember... but when my MIL has always made an effort to atleast call me on her day, but then misses our new Christmas tradition and her birthday.

    I just want to move far, far away and never look back (if only I could get my parents to come too!)

    Had to get some of this off my back... there is so much more going on but I dont have the energy or desire to stir all of that up too.

    (((hugs))) everyone. Much Love.


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    Oh, I'm so sorry. I know how you feel. September was 8 years for me, and no one said a word. It definitely hurts. But, you will never forgot your precious baby, and she will live on in your heart and memories. Hugs to you.

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    I'm sorry for your lost. God is with you and your child is and angel with him. Stay strong and keep the faith. God bless you!

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