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Thread: Anyone shocked about Jon & Kate, poor kids

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    Default Anyone shocked about Jon & Kate, poor kids

    I honestly did not watch that show but have read articles and seen them interviewed. If they had brains in their head, they'd walk away from the show COMPLETELY and get their act together as parents. I don't know a thing about them but I can see from the family pic when she first had the kids to where she is now that she looks like a completely different person.

    They lost themselves along the way. I did know there was an episode where they renewed their vows. How does their marriage fall apart so shortly after that? The average couple doesn't renew their vows, was that all for show?

    I just feel bad for the kids, stories about the parents cheating on each other. The older twins will have all this stuff said to them at school, not fair to them.

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    Default I only have 3 kids --

    twins plus 1 within a little over two years, and I know how hard/stressful that has been in many ways, especially when they were younger. I can't even imagine adding the additional stress of having 8 children AND trying to perform for a whole set of people whose livlihood depends on making you into a popular television show. I would think they don't even know what they think anymore. Yes, if they had any sense they would quit now and try to re-establish themselves as a family in one way or another. It is disappointing that they are continuing the show, if anyone will watch (their 15 minutes may be over now). I hope they were saving as much of the $ they were making as they could.


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    Default Another perspective on the show...

    I heard a news commentator (on CNN no less!) say that if J&K needed to keep the show going. If they stopped the show, the only way America can see them and their kids is through paparazzi photos. And then the paparazzi and tabloid invasion of their lives would be tenfold.

    While I believe that the paparazzi angle is true, I'm not sure I agree they should continue. Having paparazzi around doesn't affect the kids as much as having cameras in the house. But it has got to be a pain for the adults.


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    Its sad but not unexpected. How can any marriage survive that kind of spotlight and publicity. I have 3 kids with 1 year of each other (twins +1) and I just can't fathom what it must be like to have twins +6.

    then you factor in that he might not have wanted the extra 6 but she did. They were young when they had that many. Needed money, didn't think it was so bad...

    But it seems to have changed them and their marriage suffered.

    I say this as someone who has never watched their show but have read articles about them. why do I need ot watch another persons crazy house. I have my own.

    I feel really bad for the kids.

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    I occasionally watched the show and followed them in the tabloids. The money and fame changed Jon and Kate in different ways. She more she had, the more she wanted and the more she changed. She clearly enjoyed the limelight. Jon, however, seemed to retreat from the attention. I read their book when my interest in the show was at it's peak. It was insightful on understanding the dynamics of the show.

    I think it is sad they split, especially for the children. They will grow up reading about their parents' exploits.

    I used to sympathize with Jon, but not anymore. He is acting like a college boy. He needs to get his act together. My respect for Kate is growing.

    I think their show is done for good. I heard it referred to as 'Jon and Date plus Kate'.

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    I don't buy this. My belief is that the paparazzi would lose interest. They have pimped our their family and now are paying the very high price.

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    Default I agree with everyone. I can't imagine that much interest

    will remain after this summer. Also, as the kids get into school and are not little and cute, interest was bound to decline. I am just sad for the family and somewhat disappointed in the choices that have been made.

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