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Thread: What is everyone up to this summer?

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    Default What is everyone up to this summer?

    Right now, we're foster a kitten that needs to be bottle fed. She's just under 4 weeks old so the feedings are every 3 hours or so. We're also fostering an Umbrella Cockatoo - she was found about 30 miles from us. She was in an aviary rescue but we volunteered to foster her for awhile too. She may end up staying.

    Dd managed to get herself a job as a mother's helper. Not bad for 11! She does that 3 afternoons a week and is getting rave reviews.

    We had a soggy 4 days at the beach - Ocean City, MD. Hopefully our trek to NC will be dryer. That happens in August.

    Dd also had a week at a half day flute camp. Later in July she is scheduled for a week at Amazing Glaze - a place that lets you paint pottery things.

    My company is busy, thank heavens. Dd has summer homework to do. She also gets to go to a pool with a neighbor on some of the afternoons when she is not doing mothers helper stuff.

    It's not like summers where she was in camp each week but it sure seems to be quite full.

    What's everyone else up to?


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    We are heading up to the Catskills in 2 weeks for Irish Arts week and are staying with my aunt at her summer house. DH and I are both on vacation and DD will be attending Irish Arts camp during the day so DH and I have time alone w/o work or chores?!?!? When is that last time that happened?

    During the last week in August we renting a house with friends in the Outerbanks. Then DD starts kindergarten. :-)

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    Just sitting here at 1:46 PM on a dreary Thursday. Dylan is working with his new math/reading tutor and the girls are upstairs watching a movie. Fil is visiting and he's out to lunch with dh. I turned 27 again on June 30th, uneventful and the rain ruined my eveing idea of dinner on the Hudson. Just when you think the rain is finally over, it's back! Can't even believe it's July 4th already.
    Feeling weird today. I have had a horrible stomach ache since 4:30 a.m. and wonder if the hag is showing up and this is my warning. It might explain my moods. lol
    Tonite, hopefully seeing a movie with my girlfriend - a chick flick. Something higher than a PG rating where I sit there wondering what the hell is going on and why is a 90 minute movie $9.50??

    Hope everyone is enjoying summer. My kids just finished school on 6/26 and started their town camp on Monday. Tomorrow, they have off. Didn't even realize that either. Calgon, take me away.

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    My kids are experiencing the school-sponsored daycare this summer for the first time. We have had an au pair for the past five years. They LOVE the program, and I love how I don't come home to a trashed house each night!

    My 11 yr old is doing mom-taught social studies work to make up for the C in 5th grade social studies. She is also doing math Kumon.

    My 5 yr old twins have started Kumon reading. It is really interesting to see how differently they learn. They are enjoying 1:1 time with me.

    All are swimming, and enjoying playing outside.

    Me - with the au pair gone, I can no longer follow my workout routine and have been a slug for 6 weeks.

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