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    Default Miscarriage...

    Had u/s today and baby has no hb...we are going to get another u/s in a week but the OB mentioned that IF we didnt see a heartbeat next week he will give me an RX to "help" natural loss...

    Does anyone know the NAME of the medication...I was hoping to read about it and decide if I WILL take it at all...

    Anyone have experience with this also? Is this normal?


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    The shot is called Methotrexate. I had to have it when I had a tubal back in November. I did not respond well to the medicine and have to have immediate surgery because my tube was rupturing. Most people respond well to the meds, but not me. And in your case since the baby is not in your tubes you should be allright. They will monitor you and make sure the baby passes. Sometimes it is hard to see the heart beat. I have heard many people say they didnt hear the heartbeat and then the next visit they did. Stay positive and if you need someone to talk to I am here. Good luck

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