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Thread: My kids just found the Sum Swamp game

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    Default My kids just found the Sum Swamp game

    and love it. Dino Math, Money Bags and Sum Swamp have all be huge hits. I am going to look at this companies other games and see what I might find.

    Thanks everyone for the awesome recommendations.

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    Default Those are the same three games that I ordered! *m*

    The games that were suggested in the original thread all sounded so great; it was very difficult to narrow my first order down to a handful. In the end, I chose Dino Math Tracks, Sum Swamp and Money Bags because they reinforced what DD is working on right now with her summer math tutor.

    We've been having a ball with Dino Math Tracks, and after I posted about Level I vs Level II the other day, we never did go back to Level I, ironically enough. We must have played Level II 10 times already, and we've only had the game for five days! I really like how DMT has three levels, and even different variations on each level -- this is a game that can grow with her as she moves through multiplication and division.

    Today we broke out Sum Swamp and Money Bags, and DD loves both. Sum Swamp is really simple and quick, and great reinforcement for addition and subtraction. MB is a more challenging, but it's an excellent way for kids to about coin values.

    I, too, am really grateful to the posters who took the time to suggest these and the other games. I'm looking forward to playing them all!!


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