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Thread: Alright Girls. Check in time. Come out of Lurkdom

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    Default Alright Girls. Check in time. Come out of Lurkdom

    This board is so slow that it may detract someone, who needs this lifeline, from using it. It was a lifeline for me atleast. So check in time.


    Your Angels and special dates:

    What are you up to now:

    Any special things you do to remember that someone else may find helpful:

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    Default Hi Tonya

    Yes, this Board has been amazingly quiet - I never know whether to take that as good news or that people has just stopped being able to find us. I have to say that I don't care for this format as much as the old one - I often feel as though my post disappears into cyberspace and the threads seem less continuous.

    Just letting everyone know that I am here - that I hope everyone is in a place in their lives where they are finding the support they need (which is why the Board is inactive) - kindest to all - thanks Tonya for rewiring us all - Liz

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    Default OK, I will get this started.

    You: Tonya. 32. From Oregon

    Your Angels and special dates: 4-7-02 Marisa's birth/death day. 1-17-03 Ectopic pregnancy @ 10 weeks.

    What are you up to now: Staying pretty busy actually. My angel garden looks amazing and I really enjoy seeing it each morning. Ive got some new friends who have never experienced a loss of a child, but 1 especially talks about Marisa like she knew her. It's very special to me. They both chipped in and got me a mommy necklace.

    Any special things you do to remember that someone else may find helpful: Scrapbook. That was very healing to me and something tangible I can look at when I feel like she is slipping away from me more. Also, an Angel garden. As I mentioned above... just a nice feeling to wwalk outside each morning and see a beautiful garden that you did in memory of your baby.

    Hugs to all, and Liz, thanks for sticking it out with us. I dont care for the new boards either, and think we lost a lot of old timers int he switch.

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    I am glad to see more action. This new format is harder to get used to and hard to navigate.

    You: Barb, 46, Ohio
    Angels: A.J. - 10/22/04, Charles Jermiah - 5/6/07, Aaron Lloyd - 1/17/08
    What are you up to now? Keeping busy with my two DD's age 8 and 6. Getting ready for school to start.
    Any special ways of remembering: I have a bracelet that my Aunt made for me that has all three of the birthstones of my angels and, coincidentally, the two birthstones of my DD's. I wear it all the time.

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    Default crazy here

    sorry I have been MIA things are just getting crazier by the minute with our foster baby. I wished I could share more but I can't.

    I feel lost in it all sometimes. Thinking of you all often and looking forward to the day when I can post here again and not be wondering who will find me on the internet as far as our law suit issues are concerned.

    Missing my babies as always. So sorry I missed your date Tonya.


    I am with you all too the new board isn't as user friendly!

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    Hello ladies...
    I have not been on in so long...but tonight...I am missing my daughter so badly. I guess I just needed to say that...
    beautiful will never be forgotten....Kristen Rose...I Love You. You'd have been 9 years old this month. I will never forget....

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    Default Kristen Rose

    Long time indeed - good to see your daughter's name back on these pages - incredible that your dear baby girl would be 9 this month - warmest to you Liz

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    Default My story

    Vicki, 41, LI NY, Married to a great guy over 12 years.
    Lost twin girls on March 8, 2002 at 27 weeks 2 days, They lived about an hour, I had Pprom at 20 weeks and 22 weeks. Miss you always Bonnie and Marjorie.
    Lost baby girl to chem preg November 2002. Miss you my sweet Mollie.

    I am busy fighting a court battle to keep my fosterson of 5 years from being moved to a just paroled bio parent whom doesn't have a clue about raising a child and the damage he will suffer if his bonds are disrupted after 5 years of safety and security. He is 6 and a complete joy to raise and love.

    I remember my girls by hanging special ornaments for them in my living room and lighting a candle every March and November. I had star shaped lenox ornaments made that are so nice with their birthstones on them.

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