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Thread: With school coming up again, How do you make

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    LOL! Arent we ALL control freaks when it comes to our kids? After all, they are outs

    Good luck- I hope they find the right match for him!

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    You have received great advice. I already feel like I make waves so never have requested a teacher-yet. With my older ds the choice is limited as they have only one inclusive classroom per grade-a format they went to last year.
    I do know that Grant needs structure and someone not new to the school if possible.

    good luck

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    when in opublic, we asked his iep team who would be the best fit for him. along with friends who worked at the school, other parents, etc....95% of the time, the rec'd was the same. we would then put that he would be placed in that teachers class (unless she left) in his iep, thus making it binding.

    we also find that esol teachers tend to be a bit more understanding to alternative learners. so most of the time we got the esol teachers who were great. oh, we also request to be notified asap if his teacher becomes pg as this causes him major problems that turn into behavior ones in the classroom. we tend to loose lots of great therapists and teachers this way...
    we worded it as "plans to take an extended leave" vs pg and explained why....btw. good luck

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