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Thread: 45 and wondering what levels mean!

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    Default 45 and wondering what levels mean!

    Yep, 45.........had my hormones checked and wondering what it means.This blood test was done on the 7th day of cycle, my periods are regular and I know I ovulate from pain although CM is rubbish.

    TSH level 1.9 mu/L
    FSH Level 2.8 iu/L
    LH Level 5.8 iu/L

    FSH is low,but what does it mean?!

    Any help appreciates.My history is two live births and 4 miscarriages between 1997/99.I have not ttc since but never used precautions.

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    These numbers are normal, but don't reduce the negative impact of your age.

    Jeffrey Fisch

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