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Thread: I need a twin stroller recommendation

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    Question I need a twin stroller recommendation

    Hello Everyone!

    When my twins were born, I also had a two-year-old, so the Joovy Big Caboose was the stroller which made sense.

    Now, they've just turned two and my two-year-old is a 4 year old who is happy to walk. The Big Caboose is way too big and long and inconvenient.

    What stroller would you recommend for my twin toddlers? I want something lighter, easier to maneuver, etc. We go to preschool every day with my 4-year-old and I can't take another day of dragging out that big lug and trying to get it through all the narrow gates and corridors.

    Thank you in advance for any suggestions you all may have. Have a great day!

    Lisa (in Las Vegas)
    Mom of 4 IVF kiddos:

    Anna - 10
    Olivia - 4
    Thomas & Maura - 2

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    The Baby Jogger Citi Mini double is FAB-U-LOUS. I have it for my 2 1/2 y/o twins. It looks big, but fits through all doorways so far and is easy to set up. Its a bit pricey - at 399, but I think you could get a lot of that money back in a couple years on Craigs List. Once in a while you can find a small on line retailer that gives 15% off.

    I had the Combi Twin Saavy which I really liked from 7m to 2 1/2- light umbrella stroller but with a solid bar so you can easily push with one hand. Definitely harder to push as the twins got heavier - BJCMD is easier to push a this point.


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    Default I had the duo glider for everyday use and the BOB for jogging

    I have a now 8 yr old ds and b/g twins that are three. I got the duo glider which I still use when I am going shopping, mall, etc. I got the BOB ($425 new) after my dh spent a long time convincing me to get it. I am glad I got it because I use it a lot, now at the pool everyday. I like the strollers. The only thing I would do over is tryot buy used on Craig's list.

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