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Thread: Too Soon To Seek RE Help?

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    Default Too Soon To Seek RE Help?

    I'm 42, husband 50. We have one child, conceived naturally after 3 months of trying when I was 39. We conceived again naturally when I was 41 after 4 months of trying. This ended in a missed miscarriage of unknown cause. We have been very actively trying for 5 months now since my cycle normalized after the miscarriage w/ no success. Neither of us has any health issues. I have a clear & sustained thermal shift at ovulation on BBT chart; I have a one-two day LH surge one day before ovulation; I tested FSH w/ home test and it is totally negative (assuming it's reliable); I have been taking prometrium after ovulation for the last 5 cycles in case progesterone is an issue. We just started "fertility blend" vitamins. Is it too soon to seek RE help? What would you suggest? Given the information above, what tests would you suggest we have? I thank you so much for your input!!

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    At 42, even if everything else is normal, there is still very likely an egg issue. I would check a basal FSH level and would then consider strongly moving directly to IVF. Time is your biggest issue. Contact me directly and I would be happy to review your case with you in more detail.

    Jeffrey Fisch

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    Default Irregular Estrodial-FSH

    I have had 3 irregular Estrodial-FSH tests after age 40 and I was told to go have IVF done. Is this normal because I have limited financial means. I originally went to have IUI done and the doctor told me that she discouraged IUI after my test results. I am still in the process of filling out my INCIID Scholarship and setting my account up, with the encouragement of my friend Carey, and haven't started the fundraising part. Overall, I think I would be a good pregancy candidate and volunteer my talents for free (Since Summer 2009) at a sliding scale LGBTQ health clinic where I speak to the public about sliding scale health services (3 events), set up for fundraisers (3 events), deliver food to the teen program (1) and pass out safe sex kits (3 events). I am also a Democratic Election Judge for the City of Chicago.


    Jean Peterson

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