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Thread: Endometrioma or cysts

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    Hi Dr Saleh,

    I recently just had a transvaginal pelvis and ultrasound to check for cysts as I was having pain. I was taking hcg shots for about 5 cycles 2000 units about 3 times 3 days after ovulation. I had a laparotomy in March 09 to remove endo, adenomyosis and chronic endometritis.

    The ultrasound was done 8 days after ovulation. The ultrasound report says the right ovary measures 3.1 cm and contains a 2.2 cm dominant follicle. The left ovary measures 4.5 cm in greatest diameter. There are 3 areas within the laft ovary which have internal echogenicity and through-tranmission. These measured 2.6cm, 1.6cm and 2.0cm. These are consistent with either hemorrhagic cysts or endometriomas.

    So does this mean that I did not ovulate this cycle because the dominant follicle is there? Will these cysts on my left ovary disappear over time or over cycles? Do I need procedures to remove these cysts? What kind of procedures?

    Also I had adenomyosis removed during my lap in March 09 on the left anterior uterus. Will this area affect implantation? We are planning to do natural IVF hopefully in Jan 09.I also have chronic endometritis so I am just concerned that I have implantation issues. I am 40 years old ttc#1.

    Also what do you think of the Beta 3 integrin test? I have not tested for this but should I since I have uterus and implantation issues? My last FSH tested was 15.9 on CD3 three months after lap.Also this cycle on CD 10 I happened to be in an RE office and did B/w. FSH on CD 10 was 51. Estrogen 87 LH 10 P4 0.3. What do you think of my values?

    Thank you very much . Appreciate your help!

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    This is not a medical advice

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