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Thread: Baby's tight frenum/frenulum and BF problems

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    Default Baby's tight frenum/frenulum and BF problems

    We just had our almost 10 year old DS's frenulum repositioned and it suddenly occurred to me that this might have been a major reason why we had such problems breastfeeding when he was a newborn.

    The frenum (or frenulum) is a band of tissue that connects things in the mouth. The lingual frenum is the band that runs from the gums just above the space between the front teeth to the roof of the upper lip. In some babies it is tight, i.e. positioned very low on the gums, practically between the two front teeth. People with this problem may end up with gaps between their front teeth and even gum problems from the constant pulling on the gums.

    I had this revelation when I thought of our son's tight frenum and realized it may have been a factor in why he never seemed to be able to latch on. We had a terrible time but not one of the many doctors and nurses and lactation people we consulted ever mentioned this as a possible cause. Yet when I did a search on Google just now with keywords frenum and breast feeding problems, I got lots of hits. The apparent solution is a minor surgical intervention that will free the gums and let the baby's mouth make a wide flange.

    Just thought some of you may find this useful. It is to me, only almost 10 years too later!

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    Hey, I am so sorry that no one assessed your baby for tongue tie and clipped it. It can make all the difference for breastfeeding. Unfortunately not all health care professionals believe that tongue tie causes breastfeeding problems and it can take a lot of effort to get the right help.

    I'm glad though that you now have some explanation for your difficulties.

    Cordelia IBCLC

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