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Thread: Going back in the ring

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    Default Going back in the ring

    for another fight. I just don't know how much longer I can fight.

    DS was born with Erb's palsy and it is severely affecting his fine motor skills (most importantly writing) He also has attention issues and can't sit still. Two OTs picked up visual processing problems. The kid is STRUGGLING.

    I went to our school when he was three and they said they wouldn't test him. I went back in Feb before he started K because I wanted a plan in place. They did the full testing and while he scored low, he was within "low end of normal" in most areas with exception of speech. He's very bright and verbally doesn't miss a trick. I feel like he is a tricky kid to people who meet him because he completely compensates for his other issues verbally. Paper/words/visual-forget it.

    They said if he shows problems in school, they'll consider helping him.

    Gotta love the merry-go-round games.

    I met with his teacher and Child Study Team member a few weeks ago. The teacher stated "everything you see at home I see in the classroom." B-I-N-G-O. Inability to focus, inability to follow two-step directions, needs help with writing activities. Is this NOT affecting him educationally? THe member of the child study team sat there and said it is all normal. Oh, and he'll be on a keyboard by 2nd grade (because he can't write)

    I'm going to his regularly scheduled conference this upcoming week and asked the teacher to have a DIFFERENT member of the child study team present.

    I know it is going to be the usual b/s-----"put it in writing" Translation: so we can toss it around and play games for a few months to buy us time/money.

    I am going in WITH a letter in hand so when I get the "put it in writing" bs I can start the ball moving.

    Everytime I try to get my paperwork/thoughts/notes together I start to cry. I am so darn frustrated right now. My kid needs help and they don't care.

    I guess I just needed to vent and hopefully get some advice on what tactics to use this time.

    There is no doubt in my mind, or any therapist that has worked with him that this kid NEEDS an IEP.

    Please keep your fingers crossed for me when I go back in the ring for another swing at this...

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    Default Wishing you luck (m)

    I am so very glad you are advocating for your son. I found getting assessments/help very difficult in the early grades (my 10 yo ds was just dx'd with Asperger's Syndrome last May after several years of issues) because some kids do grow out of their issues and I think schools/school boards are reluctant to throw a lot of resources at young kids who are suffering more from immaturity in skills that a true deficit. That said, it definately does not sound to be the case with your son, and I think you need to insist that he gets a proper educational assessment through the school - ask (in writing) for a multidisciplinary assessment (pt/ot/psych etc.). Also take copies of your OT reports, doctor's letter outlining his medical issues, and try to get a written statement from the classroom teacher identifying what problem areas she is seeing in class. Give copies of your request for assessment/services to the teacher, resource/special ed team, principal, school district superintendant etc. Once your start documenting things, requesting things on paper and passing multiple copies around things tend to get done because each person involved is now more accountable for how they deal with the situation because there is a paper trail. Also ask that they give you a written copy of any decision that they make. If they say there is no issue, get it in writing. You have to be polite but pushy - really pushy and unwilling to be put off.

    Best of luck - it is the start of a hard road, but you are doing what your ds needs.


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