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Thread: Early ultrasound question

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    Default Early ultrasound question

    Hello DrToday I had my first ultrasond. Based on my retreival which was on 9 - 28 I should be 5 weeks 3 days. My hcg levels are right where they expect at 5400. Today all they saw on the us was a gest sac, no yolk sac. I am concerned we should have seen a yolk sac at least at this time. 4oc said the only reason hey do the us at this time is to verify it is a iup and do not look or measure for anything else and not to be concerned. Should I have seen a yolk sac at this time or am I worrying too much?

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    You are worrying too much!

    Not uncommon to see only a gest sac at 5wk 3 day and no yolk sac. First trimester sonos are extremely variable.

    Hang in there!

    Good luck


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