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Thread: Susan Klebold speaks out

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    Default Susan Klebold speaks out

    Ten years after Columbine, Dylan Klebold's mother is speaking publicly. Here is a piece she wrote for Oprah magazine. She is writing as a mother, of course. It is very moving imo.

    The part that I find frustrating though is that Dylan's parents were never shown his writings that his teacher found disturbing. A teenage boy was writing stories about someone murdering people and the teacher talked to the parents about it but never showed them the actual story--just told them that she was concerned or something like that. Why not involve the parents more? In any case, we can't go back in time but I hope that we can learn from this as we move forward. Here's the link:

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    Default I don't know how she gets out of bed in the morning

    My gosh-that poor woman. Not only is her son gone, but other lives were lost in his hands. She has to live with the grief of losing a child, and the horror of the ordeal and how it destroyed other lives.

    My heart truly breaks for her.

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    Default So scary -- the "normalcy" is shocking... makes you wonder if "there but for the grace of God go I."

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    That is an amazingly powerful essay. She is so brave to speak out. As my own boys approach adolescence her story strikes fear in my heart. My own parents had little clue about my adolescent struggles. What makes me think I would know if my own kids were in trouble?

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