Might be interesting to look at egg donation from the donor perspective...

What medical procedures are involved with egg donation?

Egg donation requires stimulating the ovaries with hormones to bring a number of eggs to maturity, then retrieving the eggs through a minor surgical procedure.

In order to be an egg donor, you will need to make a number of trips to a fertility clinic. First, you will need to be screened to make sure you qualify. For your screening, you will meet with a social worker or psychologist, a geneticist, and a doctor. You will have a gynecological exam and blood tests to check for genetic and infectious diseases. Additionally, on the third day of your period, you will probably be asked to have a blood test at a local lab to check your hormone levels (a “day 3” test). If you are on hormone-type birth control, such as the pill or Nuvaring, you will have to go off it temporarily in order to take this test. It takes about four weeks to get these screening results back. Most egg donors pass their screenings. If you don’t pass your screening, the clinic will tell you the reason. (MORE http://www.inciid.org/article.php?cat=thirdparty&id=652 )