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Thread: Donor compensation - how much is too much?

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    Default Donor compensation - how much is too much?

    What do you think about donor compensation? How much should they be allowed to collect for donating eggs?

    What kind of prices are you seeing from different parts of the country. Here in the DC area at smaller clinics we are seeing $7500 in compensation. What are agencies charging?

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    Default donor compensations

    I actually had to have a donor to become pregnant. I very recently went through my cycle and am now pregnant. My husband and I went through an agency. Our doctor was in Dallas so we used an agency in Dallas. We also chose a donor that was local to Dallas so we would not have to pay traveling expenses for her. She was a first time donor and her fee was 5,000 on top of the donor agency fees that we had to pay. When we were searching for our donor we saw donor fees ranging anywhere from 5-10,000. It all depends on how experienced(how many times they have donated) they are. There are pros and cons of using a first time vs someone that has done it before. I would assume that the 7500 fee that you are seeing is because the donor has donated a couple of times. Definitely shop around the different agencies. And keep in mind that agencies will negotiate with you. My husband and I went in to the agency in person and asked them to negotiate. We did get money off our total fees.


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    $7000-$7500 is standard in metropolitan D.C. That's what we paid in 2004. If you are going through a clinic, most of the clinics do not vary payment based on personal factors, including prior success. That might have changed, but I would be surprised. What annoyed me a little was that if you were the first one using the donor, you had to pay for the psych assessment that she underwent, along with being unproven! It worked for us, so I didn't worry about it for long.

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    I sometimes wonder if they charge again for assessments. There doesn't seem to be a lot of over sight in this area --

    The fees have crept up over the years. I remember for a long time the fees were around $5K

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    Default Our clinic tiered their fees...m

    Based on number of previous donations, #'s of success, etc. We paid $7k in the donor fee portion in the SE. This was in 2006. The ASRM has a cap if you go through a clinic.

    For agencies, I checked out 3 and most were in the 10k area.

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    Does it matter if the donor is a first time donor or a repeat donor? What if the donor has a child, is that a good sign of fertility?

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    In Seattle donor compensation is around $5000 currently. We paid $4000 in 2006. Both proven donors with an agency. Agency fees and clinic fees are the same or are within $500.

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