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Thread: Perimenopause? Maybe TMI but need reassurance

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    Default Perimenopause? Maybe TMI but need reassurance

    Ok so heres the deal - I am 46 years old. FOr the last couple of years cycles have been 22-29 days. Well I had a cycle the beginning of Oct that was 26 days but was really weird - lots of clots and then only spotting. Than 16 days later I started again! This time 2 heavy days with lots of clots again then brownish spotting!! Now on day8 of cycle and DH and I did the deed last night - guess what I have this morning? Light reddish spotting again! Guess it's time to talk to my gyn again. So sick of wearing a pad - hate that 'not so fresh' feeling it gives you. Any advice from others who have been there?

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    Perimenopause begins way before the big 'M' hits. Your cycle sounds like one that is typical for a perimenopausal woman but seeing the gyn is a good thing. I hit the big "M" early - late 40's. Go see a doc. They should do some tests to confirm perimenopause.


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