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Thread: Oh lordy... dental issues...

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    Default Oh lordy... dental issues...

    My dd has sucked her thumb for many years now. She actually stopped for about a year when she was 10, but then went back to it and the habit got worse. Her nouth is quite mishapen, and she needs braces for a variety of reasons.

    Yesterday they put in a habit appliance so that she can no longer suck her thumb. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! Life is not happy right now. She can barely talk (can't say s's or p's or t's or d's without lisping or worse). She had a very hard time getting to sleep last night. She's emotionally on edge, and not handling it well.

    Then to add to our craziness, she's lost one of her textbooks that she needs for school. It's not anywhere in our house or car!!!!! She's totally panicked.

    3-4 mos of this and then braces. Fun.

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    oh dear.

    I bet things will calm down in a week or so. SO sorry that this is going on.

    Ella gave up the paci when she was about 3.5 yrs old and I thought she would never get over it but she did. Of course your girl is much older and the thumb is so convenient.

    Sending you hugs!!

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    Default ugh! I have no advice....time is going to be going

    very slowly for awhile...sorry. DS chews on his sleeves sometimes, and I have had no luck stopping that...
    You have my sympathy...but you are doing the right thing and hopefully it will get better.

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    Ewww...I'm sorry. I had one of those as a teen (yes, TEEN). I sucked my thumb til I was 13. YIKES. It was a horrible few months getting over the habit. Good luck. She will get her speech back, but it's tough to go without the thumb after so many years.

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