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Thread: Auditory processing disorder? (m)

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    Bri really summed up why I have not yet pursued the testing for Grant though I have had a feeling that Grant has CAPD and have since he was 3 years old. There is a book I think it is called "Like Sound Through Water" by Karen Foli and it is a great book for understand CAPD. Again, I do not think having a CAPD dx will necessary change the services/accommodations for Grant especially in our county but it will be beneficial for his teachers (if they read the IEP) to know it is not just attention deficit issues. Also, like Bri's dd Grant definitely has issues with memory that affect him in the school setting.

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    Default APD and Me!


    As I mentioned above, my oldest DS has a dx of APD. We was screened in K and SLP said yes... then confirmed again in 3rd by an Audiologist. He is now in 5th.

    The best book to read on the subject is "When the Brain Can't Hear" by Terri Bellis. Check your library or Amazon. The other book is mentioned by Trek in the above post, and this is a story written by a mom about her son.

    I don't remember how old your DS is, but most Audiologist won't test for APD until 7 or 8. Also, it is important to find an Aud. that understands APD and tests specifically for it... it is not just a run of the mill hearing test.

    If you ask your school to test, most likely that will do a screening by the school SLP. Most school don't an Aud. that can test. If they don't, you can fight the fight to get them to pay for it. We paid for private testing and the school accepted it.

    Then once you have a dx, the next battle is with the school. My DS does not qualify for an IEP, but he does have a 504 plan in school. One accomidation is for a field FM system in the classroom.... along with other accomidations. Once you get to that point, let me know and I will be happy to share my draft plan.

    If you need specific resources, please let me know and I'll pass them on.


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