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Thread: Fluid in uterus?

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    Default Fluid in uterus?

    I have had repeated problems with fluid in my uterus and cannot seem to figure out why. Please help!

    My history:
    Stage IV endo (2 previous laps), severe male factor
    April 05- IVF/ICSI BFP! Twins delivered at 33 weeks via emergency c-
    section due to suspected plancental abruption.
    Feb 08- IVF/ICSI bfn
    Mar 08- IVF/ICSI bfn
    Jun 08- FET cancelled due to fluid in uterus
    Hysteroscopy & endometrial biopsy performed...positive for
    endometritis. Completed antibiotics course. Follow-
    up biopsy...all clear.
    Jan 09- FET bfp! M/C at 12 weeks due to Trisomy
    13. D&C another endo biopsy...all clear.
    Jun 09- IVF/ICSI cancelled due to fluid in uterus. Fluid drained at
    ER...looked like old blood. Endo biopsy...all clear. Completed
    antibiotics course just in case. Discovered
    endo in vagina & on cervix.
    Oct 09- IVF/FET small amount of fluid in uterus at ET. bfn.
    Nov 09- HSG performed...all normal. Checked uterus for fluid on non
    -medicated cy day 9 & small amount of fluid was present.

    What are some possible reasons for this fluid to be in my uterus? Is it possible that the endo on my cervix is restricting the flow during my period & some of it is remaining in my uterus?

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    Well clearly a confusing picture. The evaluation seems appropriate. Usually this fluid disappears between egg collection and ET. However, in your case this didnt happen. I guess the ultimate solution is going with gestational carrier or consider cryo all and go with FET if endo looks oK.

    Sorry I wasnt much help.


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