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    Default Aw crud...

    No IEP for us. Dd scores too high in the overall language area (her vocab was college level) and it outweighs her pragmatic language deficits. She's (yet again) not low enough to get the help she needs, even though the difference between her "language ability" and her use of pragmatic language is more than 60% (overall language ability scored at 75% level, pragmatics at 15% level). To me, that's a discrepancy, but not to my district which is desperate to not qualify anyone right now because of the $$$ involved.

    She will get a 504 now to make official the mods that the school has already put in place unofficially. Also, the speech teacher is going to be putting together a social skills group, and will include dd in that group.

    Even now, with her orthodontics in her mouth (which make her articulation almost zero) they won't qualify her.

    Back to the drawing board....

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    ugh-but glad she will get social skills help through the school that is a positive since most districts do not offer that without a fight.

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    D- if you are looking for speech therapy, look at your local university. We were able to send DS for 12 weeks of individual therapy, 2x a week for about $200. Many u's that offer a master's in speech pathology offer clinic services as part of the curriculum. We were very happy with DS's services at ours.

    Im glad she'll be getting the social skills help and sorry she doesnt qualify for the IEP right now.

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