This was the best mothers day Ive ever had. I was sick with strep and that could've ruined it, but you know, it was a great day. DS woke me up at 10am to open my presents- I got presents, woohoo. I got a craft from DS and one from DD. And they went shopping with DH and bought me some tshirts, a small statue for my garden and an orange construction cone (its a paperweight and its soooo very orange, lol). And DS splurged and bought me a necklace, from the toy machines, its blue and it lights up. How lucky am I?!?

It ended up being just the 4 of us since Im sick- usually we run all over trying to make everyone happy. This time though, it was MY mother's day and you know, I loved every second (even though I was sick).

I think the big thing was that without the stress of doing things for my mom and my MIL (anyone remember the story of my first mother's day?) I was really able to focus on how much I love my family.