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Thread: Intralipid with natural cycle

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    Dr. Coulam- I have had 7 consectutive miscarriages all taking place about 8 weeks gestation. Four of my pregnancies have had confirmed heartbeats, and 3 have been karyotyped and found to be genetically normal. I have had the full RPL panel of testing and have come back normal on everything. After my last miscarriage in August I did have a positive for ANA, but repeat testing two weeks later came back negative. Recently I had immune testing done at Millenova and the results came back positive for elevated NK cells. The RE who ordered the tests recommended IVF with intralipid therapy at retrieval and again after confirmed rising betas. All of my pregnancies have been conceived naturally. My question is about the possibility of intralipid treatment with a natural cycle. My RE seems really opposed to this. I am just wondering if there have been other patients to have success with intralipids and natural cycles.

    Thanks for your time and consideration.


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    We have used intralipid with natural cycles. The only problem is we dont know which cycle you are going to conceive, so you usually require more cycle of infusion because we give the first infusion prior to expected implantation. If you dont get pregnanct that cycle then the infusion is repeeated the next cycle. Dr. Coulam

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