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Thread: Starting the "adoption talk"

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    Default Starting the "adoption talk"

    My DS is 2 1/2 and my DD is 1 1/2. My son's adoption is closed while my daughter's is open. I know my children are very young, but I feel that now is the time to start discussing adoption. How do we start this dialogue at such a young age? Are there any cardboard books out there for toddlers that bring up the subject of adoption?

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    A Mother for Choko, by Keiko Kasca is perfect for the very young. Though it doesn't even use the word "adoption" it is all about a family that doesn't "match."

    Now might be a good time to start a lifestory book for your older child. (A great guide to doing thi is a way that will help you "grow it" and make it more mature over time is Beth O'Malley's Lifebooks: Creating a Treasure for Your Adopted Child Really, children's favorite adoption stories are their own, which are very personal and totally individual. The very fact that they are so individual is what will make it easier--probably years from now--to answer any questions that may (or may not) come up concerning why one adoption is communicative and the other is confidential!

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