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Thread: Why take certain meds like Aspirin, Heparin, IVIg treatment?

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    Default Why take certain meds like Aspirin, Heparin, IVIg treatment?

    Hi: I had just written to you before about my situation (high number of eggs fertilize, but then die before transfer (I've had 2 unsuccessful IVF cycles so far) and you were so kind to respond. Anyway, I had been doing some reading on the internet (dangerous, i know) , and i came across some discussion threads where women took certain medications and seemed to have success. I wanted to see if you had heard of using these meds in IVF and if you could tell me WHY one would take such drugs and under what circumstances?

    The medicines I came across were:

    IVIg treatment
    LIT (leukocyte immune therapy)

    I wonder if I should try them during my next cycle? I will be asking my doctor, but wanted to also get your opinion.

    Many thanks!!

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    Here are my opinions...

    Aspirin: we use in all patients (81 mg) doing IVF, start prior to/with stimulation

    Heparin: we use in cases of pregnancy loss in presence of antiphospholipid abs or thrombophilia, or rarely in cases of unexplained fetal demise (normal chromosomes), have not used it for implantation failure for IVF....

    IVIg treatment: used by some to treat recurrent pregnancy loss associated with various autoimmune issues that are poorly understood and whose treatment is unclear

    LIT (leukocyte immune therapy): regarded as unhelpful by most physicians but still used by a small minority in cases of recurrent pregnancy loss...very far out in my opinion.

    Good luck


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