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Thread: Dr. Amen and the Amen Clinic

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    Default Dr. Amen and the Amen Clinic

    not sure if he is as big of a celebrity on the east coast as he is on the west but dr. amen and his spect scans of the brain where he says he can spot adhd, and which meds will work for the person...depression, anxiety, etc.... After all we have been through with psychiatrists, meds, dev peds, regular peds, etc and everyone has had a different diagnosis...we wanted to go to the amen clinic and have ella's brain scanned to see if he could find something. I called our mental health insurance coverage and they said NO WAY. It is not covered. It is about $3000 I think for a full work up. I just cannot afford it out of pocket and on top of that one of ella's psychs thinks that dr. amen is full of it. So, I was just wondering if anyone else had been to one of the clinics? I think there are about four or five across the country.

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    i know several who have done it...the results have been 70/30. 30 being over the top happy with results...the 70 stating no real noticeable benefits but one more tx they could mark off as having tried.

    its a pricey tx to me and we couldnt justify the we never did it....but i wouldnt mind having the spect brain scan for my own

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