Both of my kids have Nintendo DSis. We have a Wii and Playstation. Quite honestly, my kids do not play with these things often. If they put it on a holiday list, I will buy it (obviously not everytime) but my children aren't obsessed and at the point where they can't put them down. Sometimes they don't get picked up for weeks.

I do however, truly dislike the electronic age in social situations. I despise it, actually.

I feel like we are taking away the ability for our children to socialize when we allow children to bring their electronic media everywhere. If we go to dinner, all of these things are completely and totally off limits in my family. Why do kids need to sit at a restaurant and play video games? If we go out with another family and they allow their kids to bring DS's, my kids obviously get upset. It won't make me change my rule, just the future invitations we choose to accept.

The last b-day party my 9 year old went to, every single boy there had and brought their phone--except DS. He said they went to the movies, out for pizza, to a video arcade and the entire time all the kids did was play games on their phone. These are the things I have a huge problem with. Why host a birthday party and take the kids out if they aren't going to enjoy socializing/watching a movie.

But, as an adult I am not cell-phone obsessed either. I rarely answer my cell and can't stand going out with someone for breakfast/lunch who chats on their cell phone. In fact, I will start declining invites once I see a person is cell phone obsessed, because, what is the point of going out to lunch. It's a waste of my time to watch them on the phone.

Anyway, I went off on a tangent, sorry.

I do agree with you to a large degree. I do not have a problem buying these things for my kids, because it isn't an obsession. If it was, then I might have a different opinion. I do not like the way the world is becoming cell phone/electronic game obsessed. I think it is taking away so much from our society.