in the high fucntioning kids and other neuro issues, like adhd, etc....copied with authors permission...she sums it up soo well...we have soo been there with dss and not looking forward to it with ds....

It would be very understandable for an aspie child to have a WE (special ed -eeze for written expression) deficit. It is very hard to be spontaneous and abstract, when you are a traditionally, literal, linear thinker.

Think about it. Data from Startrek trying to write creative poetry or lit. Awkward at best.

They assigned my son a written (creative) speech on what he would do if he were president. The only problem was that there was only one president in his mind, and that was General George Washington from Liberty's Kids, an historical children's cartoon from the PBS station, and the only thing that General George Washington did was fight the Redcoats.

I tried to explain the presidency until I was blue in the face, but it did no good, because I was not being heard. My son wrote a report about fighting a (now extinct war) - to which I wrote a letter to the teacher explaining that this was not a practical assignment for my child, and when it came time to vote between Bush or Kerry, he put in a write in ballot for General George Washington.

I am sure it was his first in many years. (Then again, if you consider the schizophrenic population of the U.S., perhaps not - LOL - You gotta laugh so you don't cry here...)