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Thread: Switching fertility clinics for IVF

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    Default Switching fertility clinics for IVF

    Hi. I am currently going onto my next IVF cycle - had 3 IUI cycles, 1 unsuccessful IVF, and will be starting the "dormant month" of my second IVF cycle. While I really like my doctors, my husband and I have discussed perhaps switching clinics if this next cycle is successful to see if perhaps a different protocol and facility might have a different outcome. The clinic that we have our eye on has very decent published rates of IVF success.

    Here's my question - if I switched clinics again, would I generally have to go through all of the pre-testing all over again? I just went through it last spring - all the standards pre-testing such HSG, sonoHSG, sperm analysis, etc. So, would that mean I'd lose a few months at the inception of treatment?

    I am trying to weigh out the upsides of changing versus the downsides of losing a few months if I had to repeat testing. I am not unhappy with my current clinic - but we were thinking that it doesn't hurt to try a different doc.


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    Well here we rarely feel the need to reinvent the wheel unless there is a question about doing ICSI vs IVF or if there was a ? uterine polyp/fibroid/hydrosalpinx issue to address. I prefer to redo a mock ET but all other tests are usually fine....

    The decision to change is a tough call. Sometimes just going for a consult is helpful and then you may chose to return to CLinic A and ask about what was discussed.

    Good luck


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