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Thread: Seeking opinions on schooling

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    Default Seeking opinions on schooling

    A follow on post from my eval post - the ped also strongly felt that we could/should separate DD from her sibs next year (in K.) She felt (and I agree) that DD doesn't really lean on them from support, and that she would benefit from having something which is only HERS (DD is very self-centric about her space, her things, etc.). She also felt DD might benefit from her own room - a place where she defines the boundaries, she can go to when she is feeling overwhelmed, etc. I am concerned that separating her (both at school and at home) from her sibs will cause serious upheaval to her already controlled life, and cause uneccesary chaos. At the same time, she definetly does not appear to need her sibs for emotional support. Just wondering what you guys think.


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    Default My SIL put her b/g twins in separate

    K classrooms and it was the best thing she ever did. He was the one who clung to his twin sister and he really blossomed on his own after that. ONe thing I'd say is that if you are going to do these changes, I'd do them slowly and not all at one time, KWIM? I'd involve her in discussion about having her own room, letting her pick out paint color or decorations, etc. I wouldn't do the K and her own room at the same time.

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